VR Bug in 2.5.8  

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VR Bug in 2.5.8

by signmaster » Sat Oct 21, 2017 6:12 am

Have found another bug in 2.5.8.
I have a series of tours that the first pano is a flat image. If the user selects VR mode while viewing the flat pano no pano loads and there is an error message, see attached.
Here is a link to a tour with that problem. http://discovermore.com.au/kiosk/nyah.html
I had to roll back to 2.5.7 as it does not have the problem, when VR selected from flat image it opens on the first pano as it should.
Link to tour that compiled with 2.5.7 http://discovermore.com.au/kiosk/woorinen.html
This is a big pain as I have 5 tours and a special presentation coming up so have to recompile in 2.5.7 and upload to server ASAP.
Please put this on your list of bugs to fix.

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Re: VR Bug in 2.5.8

by Annis » Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:17 am

Yes we are aware of this one. It's because VR Mode now allows accessing the direct scene, it isn't skipping planar scenes properly if it's the first scene in the tour.

This will definitely be fixed in the next version (though no ETA, as usual).

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