Garbage data  

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Garbage data

by mattob » Fri Jun 24, 2016 7:32 pm

After building tour initially, then adding hotspot points etc and rebuilding we have noticed the data files become very large and must have some garbage data because when we specify a new location for the build the build data goes way down. For instance we built a tour and it was and rebuilt after changes applied file size became 2.6GB. If we change the build directory and rebuild file size goes back down to around 800MB.

We are trying to determine what exactly is causing the build data to become bloated and if there is a way we can avoid this with garbage collection or something?

We thought at first it was when we were renaming panos / changing angles, but appears file size only went up after adding hotspots / points. Perhaps there was something else we did that caused the file size to go up?

This is not a limited case situation as it happens on almost every build for us for some reason and only way to get around it is to rebuild into a separate directory (which can be time consuming)

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Also on a separate note we are trying to determine what would cause the lengthy (i assume it is generating all the image files again) build to happen after an initial build is already complete.

When would the images have to be completely re-generated? Does changing initial angle / adding spots / changing name force a lengthy build process - any help identifying specifically what causes the program to regenerate all the image data would be appreciated so we can try to avoid this time consuming process from happening more than once.

One last question - do you guys have any API access or would you be willing to help support our custom project - we are looking for a way to script certain actions to reduce time like import photos / build / set tour name / set build location - do you have any documentation or information that would help us with this project?

Thank you so much guys - your help is most appreciated!

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Re: Garbage data

by Annis » Tue Jun 28, 2016 8:58 am

For the excess data from building your tour with different graphics and content, you need to use the Project File Manager to clear up anything that isn't needed for the final tour, see here (and make sure you read the warning before using) ... _tour_data and ... le_Manager

As for the lengthy rebuild, these actions will cause the tiles to rebuild:
- changing the projection of the scene
- changing the input fov of the scene
- changing the panorama

Changing the name, default view or adding spots will not cause a rebuild.

When you build the tour, Panotour "checks" that the panoramas have been built already before moving on to the next parts of the tour to build. If there is a lot of panoramas this can sometimes take a while.
To counter that, if you're not going to be building the panoramas anymore, just changing the interface and interaction, select all the panoramas in your workspace, and in the scene properties of the selected files tick the advanced option "Do not generate tiles on build", this will skip the check.

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