resolution issue with spherical projection since v2.5.3   [SOLVED] - View the solution

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resolution issue with spherical projection since v2.5.3

by aircamera » Thu May 19, 2016 3:03 pm

I'm using a 22376x8389px image as introduction image for a tour.
This image is not 180x360°, but I'm using spherical projection anyway to produce a semi spherical image (153°x50°).
It was working correctly before v2.5.3, but now, I have strange resolution issue on this picture only.
Look at the attached files to see what it looks like now when I'm zooming in.


here is a temporary link to see the tour : spherical projection with bug in resolution and spot size. plannar projection works

I could use plannar projection, exept that I need FOV toogle plugin which is no more supported. And spots size do not get bigger when we zoom in...

If someone can help me, I would be so much grateful !
Thank you very much !

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Re: resolution issue with spherical projection since v2.5.3  [SOLVED]

by Annis » Thu May 19, 2016 3:34 pm

Partial panoramas with multi-resolution are not supported in the HTML5 player, they only get mono-resolution which is limited to the cube-faces.
See here: ... player_.3F

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