Multiple errors on background sound on Autotour  

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Multiple errors on background sound on Autotour

by Virtuel Rundtur » Tue Nov 24, 2015 12:08 pm


I have created a tour with narration on each pano.

On Chrome + IE it seems to work ok on desktop, but on Safari browser (8.0.6) on my Macbook Pro it does not play the sound, if the tour is in Autotour mode.

On Safari/Chrome on iPhone, I have struggled to find a solution to the "click before sound is played on IOS problem"

I have created a Panorama specific Toggle button (with a transparent 1x1pixel png on second state), which send an action to start the autotour and play the first soundfile. But the sound file is played twice on iPhone (it is set to no looping), and then the following sounds is not played, until I click on the screen again.

The tour is created in PTP 2.5 Beta 4 (Mac)


Any ideas?

Best regards


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