Still so many bugs, I'm a little bit dissapointed  

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Still so many bugs, I'm a little bit dissapointed

by Morgan » Fri Sep 26, 2014 2:32 am

Good morning team Kolor,

This message is the first one I send to complain about your software.

It's been a very long time now we see update after update and we are now at the version 2.2.0 if I'm right.
I'm using panotour pro since the very first beta and I still have with the last version tons of bugs that are frankly speaking unacceptable for a commercial product.

Sorry guys but you should at least stabilize core features and make this software able to produce VT without making our job so hard.

I love this soft but when I work with it for production (let's remind you it's not a video game but a pure professional software to work with) I'm not sure, if I will add a simple floormap, if the VT will still be stable.

One of the examples I have in mind is:
I put 50 panoramas high resolution (15000*7500), I put few hotspots (few means less than 20 for 50 panoramas), I put a background music, I put a floor map and then it's the nightmare. I have no crash but suddenly after a build the vt bugs, most of the floor map hotspots are totally wrong and the software put 80% of the floor map hotspots at the same location, the music stop to play, the names of some panoramas are not displayed anymore. And I didn't put any livepano yet...

Seriously, I was quite gentle and patient during more than a year to let you fix and finalize a stable product but I have to admit I'm quite disappointed by the result today.

Last question is about Livepano, many people including me have asked for improvements about Livepano and suprizingly none of the Kolor team member replied yet. Is there any taboo regarding this feature?

I don't loose my faith in your company at all, but honestly I really want to understand why the software is so unstable after more than a year.

By the way, can we imagine to have a panic button to reset all the VT with default settings? Like something that will parse the xml files and clean up everything. It could be like a list of features to reset (links, map, etc...) and this process could remove all the requested features. It could be good as now for my problem, I have to restart my VT from scratch like a guy who were using Word in 90' with windows 3.1 after a crash.

PS: Please, avoid to ask me to send you the log, the example and so on, many people including me did that and we debug your beta version for months so my point is to avoid to have those problems and not burn my time to debug with you.

Panotour Pro 64bits with all the possible licenses - Win 8.


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