Please Help me with the floor plan!  

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Please Help me with the floor plan!

by Frenchev » Thu Dec 19, 2013 12:05 pm

I can not set the floor plan so it looks fine on PC and smartphone. Is it possible to have two different parameters to set in PTP 2.0. It will be really great option - one for PC and one for smartphone.

And why do we need actually this "content area"? It was so simple like in the PTP 1.8. Just assign the size of the floor plan, the offset and done. Now i have tried everything but i can not fit the floor plan into the content area.

PTP 2.0 is a great program and i can not even imagine how much work is it - Respect! But i think the way how to set the floor plan in 1.8 was simple and worked fine.


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