hotspots change (loose) destination panorama  

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hotspots change (loose) destination panorama

by diax » Thu Dec 05, 2013 10:07 pm


Sometimes, when working in the editor random panorama's loose there hotspot destination. 2 possibilities.
1) The panorama name is lost, panotour displays in that case the first panorama name of the tour but i don't see a panorama in the hotspot editor. When i build the tour, it indeed goes to the first panorama.
2) The panorama name is still the right one but PTP does not display the panorama in the hotspot editor. When i build the tour the hotspots stil works.

Attached a screenshot, part of the screen, what i see when i click on the hotspot that was working 2 minutes ago. In such a case when i choose the right panorama, nothing happens. I must first choose another one and than the one i want. That works.

It is a not so nice bug because it costs a lot of work and i have no idea why the hotsports loose destination. Can i check something to understand why this happens.

- The hotspot is a image i made myself, not from library.
- when set the right destination, and build, the tour works fine.

some hotspots seem troubled and remain difficult. Othe hotspots have no problem at all.

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