Style & System Interactions Bug on Mac  

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Style & System Interactions Bug on Mac

by seriousGeorge » Tue Oct 22, 2013 12:05 pm

Hello there,

I encountered some Bugs when Buildung a Tour on MacOS (Mavericks in that case)

1.) Custom Hotspot Point Styles that are saved to the User Library are not visible in the style selection. There's always just one. On a Windows Machine, the style selection works as intended and all styles are visible.

2.) If you open a file dialog, some system shortcuts like cmd+a (select all) are not supported. This is true also for Autopano Giga.

3.) If you press "Load preset" the list is empty. "Troubles" says: [Warning] Preset directory does not exist :/presets/templates/ ()

Further more I have a feature request:
In case of Interface Design I find it very confusing when it comes to hotspots. There polygon and point hotspots. Ok, great. Polygon is not supported for html5... ok (but why? why not use svg as overlay?).

But if you want to add a photo or video hotspot.. they are polygon also... thats confusing. So I have to place a point hotspot and define a custom action?

Why not have a drop down for the photo/video hotspot where you can choose between polygon and point style?

Converting hotspots
Also you should be able to convert any polygon hotspot to a point hotspot and vice versa. For example right click on polygon hotspot, "convert to point hotspot" (examine measures, calculate horizontal/vertical middle point and place the point spot there).

Button for undocking hotspot editor
If you double click the hotspot editor it suddenly opens in its own frame. If you double click again, its back in ptp. Ok, great... but you really should also make a button which makes that functionality clear to the user.

Overall.. great piece of software but your interface design and workflow could be way improved. (just trying to be constructive here, and yes I know.. its beta ;)

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