PTP 2 Mobile compatability test.  

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PTP 2 Mobile compatability test.

by Wayne Spence » Mon Oct 14, 2013 3:30 pm

Good Day All,

Firstly I would like to address the issue of Mobile Viewing.

As far as i understand with the use of HTML5 it is now possible to view the Virtual Tour on most mobile devices. Although I visited a client over the weekend to present them with their Virtual Tour. The following was the testing platforms we had available to show them the Virtual Tour as well as the results

Acer A501 Android Tablet running Jelly Bean > The Virtual Tour worked perfectly on this Platform using the default Android Browser, although in chrome it asked for the latest version of flash to be installed, when trying to install this version of flash it would allow us.

Galaxy S4 using the same Android software as above The Virtual Tour did not work perfectly on this device, using the default Android browser the Virtual Tour as well as all of the controls loaded perfectly but the issue came in when the user used his finger to swipe the screen to turn the Virtual Tour it started displaying other parts of the virtual tour point almost overlaying what was supposed to be viewed. Chrome on this device also gave the same issue as above. Although it must be said that I was particularly impressed with the responsiveness of the buttons. The buttons shrank all the way down to almost invisible on this screen allowing the user to use the previous/next scene buttons.

Ipad (Not sure what version) Virtual Tour performed perfectly using Safari

Iphone (Not sure what version) Using Safari there was absolutely no responsiveness, the buttons clogged up the 75% of the screen and the balance was the Virtual Tour.

Laptop and Desktop running windows 8 worked perfectly.

Unfortunately on all of the above mobile devices i encountered the following error: When the Virtual Tour is loading on any of the above mobile devices it loads by first displaying a full white screen with a small little block on the top left of the screen, and then it loads the relevant images, when all this is happening it gets stuck on the nadir and will remain there until you swipe the screen then it loads your default starting view (no i don't have gyroscope turned on)

To summarize the above, up until now it has been a very grey area as to what devices you can view a PTP2 Virtual Tour on, I think this needs to be addressed.

Lastly I have to note a very important feature i think might have been overlooked. I have been told by 2 clients already and have experienced it myself, alot of people do not use a mouse on a laptop and when they use the menu on the Virtual Tour they navigate to the relevant submenu using their laptop touch pad > select the Virtual Tour they would like to view but then they have to click outside of the menu area to get rid of the menu. The Menu needs to close once the menu item has been selected.

All of the above is referenced to the following Virtual Tour

I look forward to all of your responses on the above.

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Re: PTP 2 Mobile compatability test.

by mediavets » Mon Oct 14, 2013 5:27 pm

Kolor devs. have already said they are working on making the UI of tours responsive to the hardware characteristics of the viewing platform for mobile devices; and that in then meantime it would be wise to avoid certain UI elements that don't 'work' well on small mobile displays.

Alternatively you could create two (or more) different versions of a tour with different sets of UI elements each best suited to type of target platform.

Regarding differing performance on different Android hardware with different versions of the Android OS and different browsers, and versions of browser,s there's limit to what krpano and Kolor can do about that. But as a rule of thumb you can assume that the older the device the less likely it is to work well with tours created using PTP 2.x.

Unlike Flash, HTML5 is far from standardised yet and different versions of different browsers can have very different capabilities even on the same hardware platform.


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