[Beta 1] Built in FTP doesn't always update changed files  

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[Beta 1] Built in FTP doesn't always update changed files

by scoopz » Wed Oct 09, 2013 6:15 pm

The FTP facility is great but it doesn't always sync all changed files since the last build.

I created a project and PTP2 uploaded to my server when I hit build. I add some more panos, hit build and it correctly adds all those to my server via FTP. Then I start to make some small changes to hotspot locations or hotspot icon sizes and when I rebuild it looks likes it's doing all the FTP stuff but refreshing live version does not reflect this. Of course I initially assume it's just my browser cache but even on another machine it is the same older revision.

So I check the timestamps on the local and remote files and they don't match, the local files are changed at 6pm but the remote files still have the earlier 4pm time stamp.

If I use a normally FTP client to upload these files then hit refresh in a browser it's all good again.

I'm not sure hot the built in FTP is comparing files, is it comparing size or timestamp to determine what has changed?

OK in the example below you can see that all files have the same timestamp except for the main test.xml file which didn't get sync'd via PTP FTP during build for some reason.
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