Beta 1 YouTube Issues  

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Beta 1 YouTube Issues

by Destiny » Sat Oct 05, 2013 11:10 pm

Hi.. This has been moved from :rolleyes:

The YouTube video still has issues.. I have just found out that I can activate the hotspot without being uploaded remotely.. Very strange, since it doesn't open inside a Kolor VideoBox.. It does crazy things like adds an Overlay when I have not added one in my options.. It will then play... Not via the Green > test button but on my Mac without being up loaded..

If I view it in html5 preferred, it will work fine during testing on my Mac.. At this link you can see it working fine'ish.. But when I full screen, the auto continues but the video stalls.... ... eTest.html

I have been reporting on this bug for quite some time now.. It must be a hard one to fix....


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