Mute video on Ipad does not work  

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Mute video on Ipad does not work

by luca » Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:51 am

Hi, I have a problem with video hotspot on Ipad. Also if i flag "mute video" in PTP, sound is playing. It works ok on other devices. Can anyone help?


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Re: Mute video on Ipad not work

by bdd » Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:19 pm

I reproduce the issue on on our side.

We will fix it for next fix release.

Meanwhile, if you are confident with XML and code edition you can do the following after the tour is built (beware that another build done after the edition will erase your changes) :

  1. Edit the xxx.xml file (where xxx is the filename of your tour.)
  2. Find all the actions named "onclickspotvideoXYXYX" where XYXY is the ID of the video spot
  3. In these actions, find the line :
    Code: Select all
                      set(hotspot[spotvideoXYXY].muted, false);
  4. Replace it by :
    Code: Select all
                      set(hotspot[spotvideoXYXY].muted, true);
  5. Edit the xxx_skin.xml file
  6. Find the action named onvideoreadyRectVideoDefaultVideoSpotStyle
  7. In this action, find the line :
    Code: Select all
              set(muted, false);
  8. Replace it by :
    Code: Select all
              set(muted, true);

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