Embed panotour 360 photos on a website  

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Embed panotour 360 photos on a website

by Kuimbo » Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:30 pm

Hi there,

I downloaded panotour 2.5 to test it. I'm searching an efficient and easy way to create virtural tour and embed it on my website. I hesitate with round.me but it's pretty expensive in the end.

I have to say first that I'm the type of users that don't expect a big learning curve when it comes to handle a new soft. Anyway, I jumped straight into panotour and managed to create a visit pretty quickly. So good point, at the first glance, panotour is easy to use. Then I clicked on "generate a visit". That's where it get wrong.

Panotour generated a bunch of files in my folder. Am I supposed to embed all those files in my web project and refers to js ... ?

Am I missing something since other services like https://panoraven.com/en or https://round.me are giving you a embed code to put in html ?


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Re: Embed panotour 360 photos on a website

by bdd » Tue Jun 19, 2018 2:38 pm


You may have a look at the following page that explains the different parts of the generated tour :
http://www.kolor.com/wiki-en/action/vie ... rtual_Tour

Quickly :
Your screenshot was done "inside" the tour.
Just step outside the "testdata" folder.
Now, that you are out of it, you'll see the most important part, the file "test.html" AND the directory "testdata".
This file and this directory (with all its content), have to be uploaded on your web server.
The file "test.html" will display the tour, using the data contained in the "testdata" directory.


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