Plugin : Swap2Pano ( or Night&Day )  

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Plugin : Swap2Pano ( or Night&Day )

by Kimage » Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:39 am

Hello everyone, I write to present my plugin : Swap2Pano

With this plugin you can exchange 2 photos, keeping the same position, you can also use this plugin with all the panoramas you want in your Virtual Tour.

Easy Settings
Use your icons or default
Time of merge
Keep the same hotspots in the second Pano
Tween type of merge
Multiple Instance
Resize by Devices
Select Device Visibility
Trace Events Google Analytics™
Context Menu Item
Autoswap by Time
Swap by 360° Turn

Optimize and insert Autoswap by Time ( Jan-Christian suggest )

Now Autoswap function with time,is possible set looped or one time.
Inserted the possibility to keep the same hotspots in the second Pano.
Removed the pause of the autorotation (if activated) during the swap of the pano, now they exchange each other while the pano turns.

Insert option to Swap by 360° Turn ( if Autorotation is on )
Optimize UI


This is a paid plugin, you can find all the info and a demo on this page :
Thanks Mau

These are my Plugins for Panotour Pro
Skinplus - Create endless interfaces
Swap2pano - Swap two pano in the same position
Zoom - Zoom and back with the double click
Splash VR - create your own VR mode intro

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