Tour with real life compass  

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Tour with real life compass

by Omni VR » Fri Feb 16, 2018 4:32 pm


I wondered if there is a way to use the (panotour) virtual tour where you set the compass in the pictures (so in each picture you know which point in North), use the gyroscope, but also make use of the compass on your mobile phone.

So when your mobile phone faces North (which the compass in the mobile can track) the tour with gyroscope on also faces North (after setting the right North point in the tour).

I did a test, setting the compass in the picture and with gyroscope on, but the pano always starts at the middle of the pano or the default view. I also tried starting without the gyroscope and than enabling the gyroscope with a button in the hope that the photo would than change into the right direction, but that didn't happen.

This would create great extra possibilities.
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Re: Tour with real life compass

by benji33 » Fri Feb 23, 2018 3:20 pm

In fact the gyro2.js script used by Panotour is just a gyroscope controller but is not able to grab data from the internal compass and send them to the online tour to be able to align automatically the scenes and create a kind of AR visit.
The idea is, of course, great but it's not a component that is managed on our side, so it's difficult to offer a solution.
You can ask the krpano developer for this feature into it's gyro2.js controller here :

I've also answered this here (in french) : viewtopic.php?f=93&t=37514

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