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Blendig while rotating - i asked here how to do it in PTP

PostPosted: Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:23 pm
by klausesser
Not solved at all, Annis - sorry.

Instead of locking the thread as it seems somewhat shamefully ;-) i´d prefer to diskuss a workaround.
Nowhere in your "documentation" is this case mentioned.

I used a timed Autotour of course first. But that´s not working, because in that case the second sphere starts
on it´s startpoint while the forst sphere is ahead.
That´s why i used to blend after exactly one rotation to catch the almost same perspective.
It´s not precise beause i ran against the tripod and moved it some centimeters - but that was an
experiment anyway.

My question now is: given there definitely IS a way it can be done in KTPano - why can´t it be done in
PTP also? In both cases html5 is used.

The only issue is the stop for loading the second sphere - which in KRPano seems to rest in the cache
and is vaished in the second turn . . which is comnpletely smooth then.

My point is: it´s much more comfortable - at least to me - to create and edit that in PTP.

So i would love to get this little issue - the stop om changing the spheres - eliminated.

I beg you to be honest: does 360° photography have the same importance to Kolor as it did
in recent times or does the importance in 360° photography fade to be replaced completely
by 360° video?

best, Klaus
(and i would very much appreciate not to see this thread also get "solved" and locked :cool:

Re: Blendig while rotating - i asked here how to do it in PT

PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:26 am
by Annis
I didn't lock your previous topic, nor did I lock this one. I am not on the forum or at work at 9:30 PM.

If you mark a topic as solved, be it intentionally or accidentally, the topic is automatically locked.

As for your question, "Why can't this be done with PTP when it can be done with KrPano?".
Many things that you can easily -or not so easily- do with KrPano code can't be done with PTP, simply because PTP is a GUI for KrPano and can not possibly offer every single option visually for an essentially limitless code.
There will always be things you can not do in PTP but can do from editing a bit of code, or quite a bit of code.

Now, about the feature you are asking for. It probably can be done properly to completely emulate the KRPano example from the PTP's code, but I don't know how. I don't know KrPano code, nor am I actually meant to since we don't offer KrPano support.

I gave you a way of achieving something similar, from the little knowledge I have of KrPano code and working around plugins, but that is the extent of my knowledge and ability to help you, which is already beyond the limits of Panotour software support that I am meant to offer.

I am sorry I simply can not assist you further.