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using a button in a frame to link to a new web viewer

by Siewers » Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:50 pm

I,ve made a tour where I popup information about products in the webviewer and then open the webshop in a new tab.
But better would be to open the webshop in a new webviewer so the user doesn't need to leave the tour. Is there a way to get a action from the shop button that opens a new web viewer in the tour?
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Re: using a button in a frame to link to a new web viewer  [SOLVED]

by Annis » Fri Jan 13, 2017 1:51 pm

To open in a new website box instance:

  1. Create a new point spot style, give it a random icon and the action of opening your second website box.
  2. Add a dummy panorama to your tour.
  3. Place a hotspot of the new spot style on your dummy panorama, with the url you want to open.
  4. Build.
  5. Open the main xml of the tour, and copy the code between the action tags of the point spot that's on your dummy pano (so it should be something like "openWebsite_websiteViewer1(spotpoint23websiteViewer....blablabla);".

Now in your product information html, as a link you'll need to use:
Code: Select all

You can add more spots to the dummy panorama for other URLs you'd want to open.

NOTE: For actions with links or descriptions, you'll need to keep your dummy panorama so that that precise action will still work (as the information is stored in the _messages_LANG.xml bound to the spot ID). For others the information should be directly in the code (like opening an image, video, etc...).

And you can repeat these steps for just about any action you'd like to launch from the website box.

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