Contract - what can I promise my customers reg compatibility  

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Contract - what can I promise my customers reg compatibility

by ccc23444 » Mon Jan 11, 2016 4:36 pm

Hi fellow panolovers

Im am going to update my contract. The agreement that my customers signs.
What do you promise your customers regarding compatibility on standalone PC's (different browsers), android devices and I-devices (are there differences between ipads and iphones?).
I tried to find it on the website but I was not successfull.

In older days (before the world got mobile) I just stated "can be seen on all flash ver 10+ based browsers"
But what about today?

Best regards

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Re: Contract - what can I promise my customers reg compatibi

by byarsulik » Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:33 pm

If you export the HTML5 versions, the tour works on all non-flash devices (like the iOS devices).

As long as they don't use outdated browsers, folks shouldn't have any issues. In what case can you think of where a customer of yours wants to put a sophisticated 360 interactive web tour together, where your customer's customer wouldn't have access to the technology required to view it? It would have to be a pretty outdated computer/browser. It's not hard to update browsers either, and if you're offline you have the option of exporting the entire tour in a file format that can be viewed in the offline PanoTour Viewer, which can be downloaded for free.

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