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hotspot trigger pano specific image gallery?

by 42VR » Thu Nov 26, 2015 6:27 pm

hi, the gallery plug in is great.
but i'd love to be able to have multiple galleries in a pano...but embedded only in that pano.
so you couldn't see the gallery icon, and a specific gallery would only open after clicking a hotspot.
the gallery would not be visible or viewable unless in the specific pano it was attached to or embedded in.
basically just a hotspot or image or polygon trigger that opens a definable image gallery for that pano only...not for the whole tour.
so there is no gallery icon always visible for every pano, and the gallery icon can be hidden so that the gallery can only be viewed by clicking the hotspot (with custom image or icon).
is there any way to accomplish this now?



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Re: hotspot trigger pano specific image gallery?  [SOLVED]

by Annis » Fri Nov 27, 2015 8:37 am

Create several gallery instances, and several hotspot styles that will call upon those different galleries. You don't need to incorporate a "gallery icon" in the interface if you don't want to.

Let me illustrate,
  • - In my tour I have 2 panos: Pano1 and Pano2.
  • - Pano1 will have three galleries (galA, galB, galC) and Pano2 will have one gallery (galD) and one shared gallery (galC).
  • - Since you have four different galleries you need to call, you'll need four different hotspot styles. You can give them all the same icon and settings if you wish, only the plugin instance you are using the action of opening the gallery from will change. To make them easier to find, call them galAspot, galBspot, galCspot and galDspot.
  • - Now on Pano1 you can place your various spots calling on galleries A B and C, using their hotspots, and on Pano2 you can place your spots calling on galleries C and D.

- You can use different names, this was just an illustration. ;)
- Panotour Pro 2.5 has the option of duplicating hotspots and plugins, which makes recreating similar instances of plugins much easier.
- If you want to bring the galleries up by clicking on a button on the interface (so not a hotspot), you will need to use the pano-specific button.

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