Android: Full Screen Button in Chrome, but not Firefox/Opera  

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Android: Full Screen Button in Chrome, but not Firefox/Opera

by andy4nothin » Wed May 13, 2015 12:32 pm

Firefox is my first choice on my Samsung Note 2, and panos look fine, but I realised yesterday when testing that Chrome and Opera were delivering either a white out image or a random, constantly changing, mishmash of pixel groups from parts of previously viewed pages! Absolutely awful and unusable.

Remembering that I'd seen something about CSS3D and webGL drivers I found this krpano script which when 'return "prefer"' is replaced with 'return "prefer+css3d"', pano viewing is restored in Chrome and Opera, and continues to work in Firefox.

This raises 2 questions though:
Why doesn't embedpano do this?
Now that the viewer works in Chrome, it has a working fullscreen button, while Firefox and Opera do not! Why no fullscreen button in the latter 2 browsers?

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Re: Android: Full Screen Button in Chrome, but not Firefox/O

by benji33 » Wed May 13, 2015 8:59 pm

Fullscreen button is available only if the couple device+browser is able to make a true fullscreen with the Javascript fullscreen API.

Some older phone are not able to serve correctly webgl renderer. So in this case css3d is better. Krpano developer and us are not able to test all devices to make a real array of what is better or not for each configuration. So sometime it mister be done manually with ?html5=prefer+css3d to force the css3d mode.

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