An eternity to display a picture...OMG...  

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An eternity to display a picture...OMG...

by f-visuals » Tue Nov 05, 2013 4:07 pm

Hey all,
I'm wondering if I'm an isolated case on this but I feel really pissed off (probably because I've one client on my back because of that issue) concerning "point spot style" and "map spot style" that allow to display pictures. This is just amazing how long it takes (I would say conected to an average internet connexion) to display an image of less than 500kb !!!!!!! once clicked, I count at best 5 sec and it can goes up to 10 sec ! To my point of view, as a professional selling tours, I can't let this go ! The pictures should pop up in less than two sec ! The viewer doesn't have time, never. And the client is certainly not happy when you have no explanations about that...
If at least there was a "minute glass" that would show that something's going on but here, really nothing. The viewer clicks, nothing shows up (at least during very very long secondes) so well, he think that's a bug...

Anyone have more experience about that ? any trick, tip, configuration setting ???

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