2D video hotspot in VR  

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2D video hotspot in VR

by dadoplus » Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:41 pm

Hi guys!
A client would need an hotspot opening a 2d video, which also has to work in VR.
Now, I know that 2D video hotspots do not work in VR, and I was looking a way to do that anyway.
The only thing I think would work is to create a 360 video so that the panorama jpg is the background, add a black overlay with some opacity, and add the 2D video in the position of the hotspot. So the hotspot would actually open the 360 video and the problem would be kinda solved.
Point is, this would require some effort (too much for the budget of my client) and I would prefer to keep it as last alternative, mostly because I don't have the software yet (I think there are no free options to do that) and I would have to learn to do this in a very short time, so I was looking for some trick.
Do you guys have any idea? Hand coding is welcome, but I would need some help. :)

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Re: 2D video hotspot in VR

by benji33 » Thu Apr 19, 2018 4:02 pm

The workaround is to generate the video even if hidden, to play it and pause it just after when the enter VR touch is applied. Then the play can be activated directly or through the gaze.
Krpano knowlegde is mandatory here, because it's not a simple edit !

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