Wrong Metadata - Help  

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Wrong Metadata - Help

by hermer-blr » Sun Sep 16, 2012 6:03 pm

After having fiddled with Photoshop to optimize the images that I will use to create a panorama, I have noticed that they now have a wrong shutter speed: the normal exposure image has taken (during the fiddling) the overexposed image speed.

These images are fisheye. I have tried, after having loaded them in APG, to edit them and change the speed. Unfortunately APG (2.6.3 or 3 Beta) does not record the value and puts nothing instead.

It is surprising : My recollection of this is that In the past (never tried it with fisheye but standard lenses) it used to work.

Anybody to help me ? As I will include several brackets in APG, I really need to put the right value !

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