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ATTENTION Forum Admin!

by AV2000 » Thu Apr 26, 2018 3:13 pm

Dear sirs,
I have been trying to register on this forum for hours. The question "What color is the Autopano Logo" as capture drove me crazy! I tried "blue", "viotel", even "pink" (of course it is not pink!) My IP was blocked!! I tried to register via proxies and all my attempts lead to the same result, BLOCKED IP!

Now, as you can read this message, you can see that I registered somehow and cracked that damn captrue answering that freaking-me-crazy-question. "What color is the Autopano Logo?"

The anwer is simple: "bleu", NOT "blue". I just thought that the main language of the site is French and they just forgot to translate the anwer! Thanks to Google translate :)


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