No-Parallax-Point and 10-24mm lens  

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No-Parallax-Point and 10-24mm lens

by Pipetman » Sun Mar 20, 2016 2:52 am

In the past, I just shot mostly hand-held panoramas. Just recently, I started trying to find the no-parallax-point (NPP) of my Fuji XF 10-24mm zoom lens, using an indexing rotator and an arca rail. I did this only at the 10mm end of the lens so far (this is on an APS-C sensor, so not fish-eye territory yet).

I started with approximating the NNP according to the many tutorials out there. Then I tried to fine tune it by moving the camera along the rail in millimeter increments, taking two overlaping shots, and then stitching them in APP and looking for the best RMS value to find the optimum NPP. But it turns out, within a range of ~3 mm I cannot hone in on an optimal setting. The RMS values reach a miminum range, but don't have a clear minimum within that range. Also, the stitching results still show jagged edges no matter the adjustment of the rail.

Now I wonder, if this is a matter of the lens being very close to a fish-eye, and thus not having a sharply defined NPP? Or are my expectations too high, wanting to see perfect stitch results? Can one expect to see 'jumps' in the seams, despite a perfectly set NPP?

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