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Andriod Phone and Tablet Wallpaper Setup

PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2014 7:45 pm
by zhiker
Andriod Phone and Tablet Wallpaper Setup:
The following info is for those of you who don't or didn't and wonder how to!
This work's for stitched Panorama's.
Steps 1 thru 4 are to be worked on your PC, Step 5 for the Android Device.
Here a couple of simple solutions for setting up a full wallpaper your nature pict's on your android device
and not lose to cropping or resolution issue's. The following are all frebbie's by the way.
The following steps should get good results:
1. Goto this web site to get your android device screen specs:
2. Select either the phone or tablet tab and the appropiate type of device for you.
Example(Tablet tab then Samsung, then the Galaxy S 10.5 Tablet... Screen Resolution 2560x1600 pixels)
3. Open either Photoshop or any other graphic editor (GIMP 2.0) and resize your image for the screen specs.
(Note: Far better to scale or resize down than up. Save file as a jpg file)
4. Now copy the picture to to your andriod device suggest to the wallpaper folder.
5. Goto Google Play Store and down load the following free app to your android device:
The app is called: Square Instapic - No Crop
a: Just open app and select Gallery and your picture, select the wierd triangle icon and crop to fit.
b. Then select done and also then select the save option to.
FYI: May require you spend a moment or two working with App.
That's all there is to it, hope this helps for allowing your picture to be a true android wallpaper.
FYI: This may work for I-Phone's also, but I've not tried it, I-Phoner's feel Free To Advise.
--------------------------------------------------UPDATED POST------------------------------------------------
I've decided to add this short graphical explanation to hopefully clarify this tutorial. So I hope this
may explain in some sort of fashion for you android user's saying...what the... is this anyway.
So here is the following explanation with images.
The original image was 782 wide by 547 high and when brought into the Samsung S 10.5 tablet
and added as wallpaper you got the following image choice and anything outside the blue borders was cropped,
take a look:
The following image shows the blue cropped border for wallpaper on android devices, anything outside is either
cropped or you are forced to move borders. See image below:
So I took the image and resized in photoshop cs to the following size 2560x1600 according to the specs on the
web site phoneareana, only one problem the wallpaper was over sized and the blue borders as in the second
image, so after a day of searching and testing I stumbled onto the Square Instapic app and did not need
to make any changes as the following images shows and wallpaper looks as it was intended to look.
Here is a example of trying the same image in a panoramic view and was well not right in any shape or form:
So this last image is the shows what happens without using the app and how the original wallpaper crop worked:
This my feeble explanation of why I did what I did to get a good wallpaper image for the Samsung S tablet, I hope
this help's to clear up things a bit.
FYI: The intent of this tutorial is to save you time in creating your own wallpaper for your new android device
from your favorite photo.