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Dynamic Range / Fuji S3 Pro

by ckiely » Wed Mar 01, 2006 2:58 am

In response to the question from this link

This images speaks volumes to me about the Dynamic Range of the S3 and how it can handle highlight detail where other systems might have a lot of difficulty. About as harsh as I could find... shot in complete sunlight standing on a glacier. Just so you know, this *is* part of a mosaic, not an image on its own.

RAW File "as shot" to be converted "as shot" in Adobe CS2 RAW Converter:

RAW File to be converted w/ Adobe CS2 RAW Converter suggestions... note that it was able to pull it back -1.8 stops and maintain highlight detail.

There's still some work to do getting detail back in the distance, but it is there and just needs to be brought out w/ shadow highlight or something like that. You can bring that stuff out, but you can rarely get back your blown highlights.
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by francois.simond » Wed Mar 01, 2006 1:37 pm

Wow, that's like you had shoot at ISO 25 :)

That's an impressive RAW headroom, much wider than what you get with a standard CMOS or CCD (between 0.5 and 0.8 stop, depends on white balance)

I read in the dpreview S3Pro test that R-Pixels are noiser :

ACR version used to produce this sample is now old, maybe current converters deal much better with the transition between R-Pixels and S-Pixels ?

Do you think that the gain in dynamic range is, with the S3, at the expense of textures and gradations in highlights ?
François Simond

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