Best way to grab a screen shot of an equirectangular panorama?  

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Best way to grab a screen shot of an equirectangular panorama?

by aaronpriest » Mon Apr 08, 2013 5:38 am

What is the best method of manipulating a spherical (equirectangular) panorama and saving out some still shots? I've seen a couple plugins for Photoshop, but the ones I tried didn't work very intuitively. Right now I'm loading them into PTGui with lens type set to equirectangular panorama, 360° field of view, projection set to rectilinear (flat), with a field of view around 120°. I can rotate the image about numerical transform tool and save very high resolution screen shots that way. However the depth perception is quite over-exaggerated. For example, in this screenshot, the shower is actually not square--it is wider than it is deep. Any other projection bows and curves lines badly. Any ideas?

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