Using a tripod in Paris  

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Using a tripod in Paris

by Aeriscera » Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:02 pm

Hello Everyone.

I am going to Paris soon and I want to take photographs with a tripod. I have asked the Paris police about this and they say I need a licence if

(1) It is between 10pm and 7am


(2) I am taking photos for something commerical and I have a crew with more than a certain number people or will be blocking traffic etc. (I can quote you the exact rule if you are interested.)


(3) I am taking photos of something that is copyrighted like the Pompidou Centre.

I am not going to be doing any of these things but I hear from other people that they have tried to use a tripod during the day in Paris and been approached by police and told they need a licence. I'd like to know if anyone here has experience - good or bad - of using a tripod during the day in Paris.


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by gkaefer » Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:25 am

very interesting! (no joke - sadly to mention...)
contact an copyright lawyer - to get a legally valid statement.
On many photography forums "Paris" is a topic...

some opinions I found:

as it seems in France/Paris are special laws like taking images from the Lightshow of Eiffel Tower by night requisres a signed treaty (for which you most probably must pay some high fees, regardless youve private or commercial intensions).

France is part of EU. so every EU citizan can take those images (with or without tripod - no difference) without paying fees or signing treaties and can publish these images in home country (if this is not France), because these french laws cant be enforced outside France.

Confrm EU laws you can take images from objects with or without tripod if you and your cam&tripod are on any publicly accessible place and if the camera is not higher mounted than the head... (so around 2m height should be limit) and if you're not violating privcacy rights (like with 500mm across the street to take indoor zoom images - in those cases persons may not be identifiable).

would be great if Kolor Team could contact their lawyer team to get a valid statement about France :)


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by jl-kol » Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:29 pm

Hi Aeriscera
I've made lots of panos in Paris & only met with prohibitions inside buildings.
Outside no probs:

For my next trip, I'm going to fake a bad leg to use a monopod inside buildings with a ring-mounted lens


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