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absolute off topic - but funny

by gkaefer » Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:06 pm

Today Salzburgs Fussball/Soccer Club RedBull Salzburg played its 2nd Qualification game against: FC Düdelingen, the leading Club from Luxonbourg.
salzburg: 30-35 Mio € value (until today) - so called profis - owned by RedBull (1)
düdelingen: up to 3 Mio € value (but no longer) - so called amateurs

well - one week ago in Luxonbourg Salzburgs RedBull lost 1:0
today Salzburg "sensational" won with 4:3

in conclusion: Dudelingen is risen to 3rd qualification game level to enter Champions League with a score of 4:4 but with far better home game ratio...

and I thought the second loss of Austrias National Soccer Team some time ago against Fà¤roer Islands was something like the bottom of the pot ;-))


(1) EDIT: in last 7 years RedBull invested >300Mio.€ for only one goal: to enter Champions League... without success

FC91 Diddeling Homepage:

RedBull Salzburg Homepage:
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by Spencerss » Thu Sep 20, 2012 3:24 am

haha, thank u. RedBull invested tragedy.
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