Question of future Linux version  

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Question of future Linux version

by wdowns » Sat Oct 21, 2006 1:25 am

Given that you are still working on v. 1.3 and your development plans call for a Linux version to be released on v. 1.4, this question is probably premature but is something you might want to be thinking about.

APP will output Photoshop files, but there is no Linux version of Photoshop, and while it can be run under an emulator such as CodeWeavers Crossover Linux, apparently earlier versions didn't run perfectly and I cannot find any information about trying to run Photoshop CS2. Are you thinking about adding the capability to output GIMP files, or will we have to boot to Windows and use Photoshop?


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by AlexandreJ » Sat Oct 21, 2006 12:25 pm

Hi, linux version in planned. It will be the first work after the version 1.3. So you will get a linux version of the 1.3 final.
Some people already pointed us to the fact that a layered PSD/PSB output is not the good solution for linux, but it would better to code the same layered output solution for gimp. We'll study that of course. As someone said before, "I have a dream" of a true linux photoshop version. I'm sure it's not really far in the future (2 years ago, adobe hired engineer specialized in linux port ... I hope to see something to come out soon. After all, this job is close to doing an universal binary for mac).

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