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by Panorama fanatic » Thu Oct 19, 2006 2:42 pm

Small improvement for link editor. Clicking in main window:

1. If user click to point, that located in one or both of images, selected in control points editor - make this point visible in them using current zoom settings of this images (don't change visibility of image, if point is not located in it).

2. If user click outside of selected images, select one image or select pair of images (if this point located only in two images, also for non-linked images)


3. selecting in main window - select area in control points editor

4. Save/restore pano editor windows size when switch from main mode to link editor and back. Is is good to have fullsize window for main operation and smaller windows when work in c.p. editor

5. checkbox 'scroll together' in pano editor. If checked, any changes to zoom or scroll will change both images (if images linked, try to scrolll to keep visible part in both images). Don't forget to correct zoom level if images have different resolution
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