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Autopano (lite?) for smartphones & tablets

PostPosted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 12:53 pm
by Chibiberu

I would very much appreciate the coming of Autopano for smartphones & tablets (I am personally in the iOS world) even with some specs restrictions.
Personally, I use an iPhone6 and an iPad Pro (2016). Both are 64-bits platforms and no good app on the app store is compatible with iOS11. It's really time to develop a 64-bit compatible app for still panoramas.

Yes, I noticed that:
- almost no present panorama app will run on iOS11;
- the very rare apps that can run on iOS11 have too limited features;
- the market (the demand) does exist.
With iOS11, the panorama apps offer will be reduced to almost nothing! All developers are focusing on 360 degree panorama, but there is still a large market for non 360, still panorama apps.

- No app offers to choose the projection model.
- No app offers to correct the horizon and the vanishing point.
- No app offers color/exposure correction.
- No app offers ghosts management.

I really think that the power of the new smartphones & tablets generations do enable the development of panorama apps that would at least offer the following features:
- choice of the projection model,
- correction of the vanishing point,
- correction of the horizon (using vertical lines),
- color & exposure management,
- if possible : ghost management at picture level (red & green marks),
- panorama crop and free rotation,
- choice of output format (jpeg, tiff, dng...),
- the ability to save project files on the cloud, that could be re-opened on PC/Mac.

I do think that almost all smartphones & tablets users would accept some limits like:
- number of pictures per panorama (50? 60 ?...)
- maximum pixel size of the resulting image (more detailed panoramas are still available on Mac/PC) (5000˜10000?)
if they get an app that they can use on field, to give quick (yet high quality) results.

Please see this link for more information