Using "stiff" stitching points  

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Using "stiff" stitching points

by Rotnem » Thu Jul 27, 2017 7:53 pm

Hi guys,

1. Autopano would gain much, when users that are using fisheye lenses could use stiff links to stitch images, when they are using precise panoheads (for example nodal ninja r10), where there is no option to set up it wrong :)

So - create a profile and use to stitch other panoramas using it (for big projects that have over tan 10 panoramas).
I have personally shoots, where I am making over 100 spheres and this is really frustrating, that I have to adjust every picture, even that I am using profile created before.

2. If not, than I have other idea. Add more auto control points closer to corners of the pictures, because this is causing most auto stitching problems. That would be really something and it would kick a*s of other stitching software companies ;)
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(Ex Google Editor was using quite nice way to stitch panos - I am not saying about adjustments, but stitching itself, that was really precise and was fully automatic - of course for one way of making spheres, but again it was bet because fastest and so - and YES, I am exgoogler :P )

I hope, that you can implement one of those 2 soon, because I really need it ;)


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Re: Using "stiff" stitching points

by Roland Karlsson » Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:42 pm

I agree

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