Save Aligned images or to PS file  

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Save Aligned images or to PS file

by mrking » Wed Apr 02, 2008 2:38 am

I am trying to do some HDR work in CS2 but I took the photos without a tripod so it is tough to line them up.

I brought the three images into APP in hopes to have APP align them and then I could save them to a PS file.

I can render to PS file with layers but doesn't that change the originals I brought in even with smartblend off? Plus, all the EXIF data is missing so I am having to enter that data manually when it asks for it.

It would be great to see an export to multiple tiff files, one for every image that was imported in APP for alignment, and have the EXIF info saved with it.

That way one can bring all the images into PS and start the HDR process smoothly.

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