Import already stitched panorama  

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Import already stitched panorama

by Stiruam » Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:15 pm

The Autopano FAQ reports:
Can I use an already stitched panorama in Autopano to edit?
Autopano does not support ready-rendered and projected panoramas in input.

I really miss this feature.

My 360percision does not allow me to shoot the nadir. So I want to correct the nadir in Photoshop after the stitching.

The only way to do it now is:
Export the panorama -> correct nadir in Photoshop

It would be better if I could:
Rotate panorama 90 degrees left -> export the panorama -> easily correct nadir in Photoshop -> import corrected panorama into Autopano Giga-> Rotate 90 degrees right -> export perfect panorama.

This 90 degree turn makes the editing much, much easier with the patch or fill tool. This does not work as well when the horizon is normal.

I added two examples in the attachments.

PTGui does have the ability to do so but I prefer Autopano alot.

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Re: Import already stitched panorama

by Sean King » Tue Jul 05, 2016 2:56 pm

I agree.

It would help with uploading panoramas to Facebook that need needed some editing in Photoshop.

Plus, a rival stitching software can already do it. Can’t let Auto Pano fall behind.

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