Request: Lightroom-ish "boundary warp"  

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Request: Lightroom-ish "boundary warp"

by Pany42 » Fri May 27, 2016 8:08 am

I understand AutoPano is meant to be feature-complete, but Adobe's latest Lightroom versions added an extremely handy feature called "boundary warp". It's basically a non-linear stretch that fills whitespace in the rectangle.

While AutoPano blows LR's pano function out of the water in every way and then some, I find myself using LR more and more due to this one feature. The reason is that I usually shoot quick handheld panos, which usually result in some missing data top or bottom. Most of the time this is easily clone/heal-filled when there's a plain color (i.e sky) or simple pattern (like small grass detail).

But sometimes, cloning doesn't do the job like with non-regular clouds, trees or larger vegetation, which forces me to crop top or bottom even though "just" a small part is missing. This is where the "boundary warp" stretch is so useful, as you can either try to fill the entire frame or at least stretch a bit so clone/heal-filling has less space to cover. Often a bot of "boundary warp" even results in a corrected horizon line, though too much of it leaves with you with a "wobbly" pano.

Seeing the speed of LR's processing, the underlying algorithm is bound to be rather simple, but trying to re-create the effect with a finished pano in PS is a lot of work.... so: Could you add this feature to AutoPano, too, pretty please with sugar on it :-) ?

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