XML File inc Image Names  

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XML File inc Image Names

by TravisH » Wed May 25, 2016 6:05 am

This is more of a feature request, but it would be good if an XML file format (for import) could be developed which would allow the filenames to be included within the XML file itself, e.g. the position and the filename are specified.

The benefit to this would be that if you have the XML file, and the images all in the same directory, since AutoPano would know which Images are needed for which specific XML file it would not matter if you had lots of different panorama's all in the same folder, or with similar timestamps it could just be imported.

This would also be very beneficial for a commandline style import, where all the information is defined in the XML file, and you can just point the commandline program to the XML file, and the folder which contains the images (if not in the same directory as the XML file).

Many thanks!

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