keypoint creation...  

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keypoint creation...

by ckiely » Tue Mar 14, 2006 5:08 am

This thought crossed my mind today... I shoot w/ a pano head and carefully align my images w/ about 20% overlap. When APP creates keypoints, I assume that it searches the whole image.

Would it be possible to have an option for APP to only create keypoints 25% in from each of the borders? It would probably result in faster matching since all of the respective keypoints would be in the overlap areas. I've had to go to 200pts @ max a few times, but perhaps in a scenario like this I could get away w/ 30pts since all of them would be in the right places.

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by AlexandreJ » Tue Mar 14, 2006 7:30 am

I though some time ago of such an algorithm too. But I cannot say if it would impove the result. I'll try that !

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