copy EXIF data from source to result file  

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copy EXIF data from source to result file

by StehtimSchilf » Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:12 pm

HI apg team

As discussed in this thread the result files do not contain any EXIF data while some EXIF data are obisously identical for most of the stiching tasks (e.g. author, camera model, lense, date, time (differs by seconds), ...).

the option of this feature are:

No copy
As APG currently does!


copy ALL EXIF data from photo by given index
say, there are 5 photos to stich, user chooses index = 4, APG should copy all EXIF data from photo 4 to result. I don't know if result get's broken when EXIF width and height do not fit the real values ...?


- copy all but given EXIF tags
There are a lot of EXIF tags (0x0100, 0x01001). If user states a list of this EXIF tags APG copies all EXIF tags from source EXCEPT these tags. These tags won't be available in source file.


- copy only given EXIF tags
Copy only the stated EXIF tags from source to result file.

Of course you cannot mix the options, that's why I wrote "or" between the options.

In a first release I am fine with EXIF tags (0x0100) - but for users without EXIF experience it would be nice to give a pick list where they might choose the tags by name (0x0100 = ImageWidth).


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Re: copy EXIF data from source to result file

by klausesser » Thu Jan 29, 2015 3:01 pm


You seem to be extremely focused on this whole EXIF-stuff, are you . . . ;-)

Where would be any sense i it? I mean: having EXIFs i any single image surely is nice - if needed at all.

But that´s ONE side of the medal. Having stitched a bunch of single images to ONE image: where would EXIFs come from?
Ok: you can edit the equirectangular image by writing some EXIFs into the header. I don´t see the sense it that also.

The only vital informations would be the GPS-data and the date.

GPS-data requires a dedicated camera-hardware - so i guess it´s better assing it manually to the equi - and regarding the date: which date do you mean? Shooting- or processing-date?
Organizing your panorama-workflow hopefully means to write this data to the folder, you have your project in:

Shooting location, time of shooting. Ideal is a head writing XML-files for positions. Here you not only have the shootimg-time for each shot but also the duration of shooting per shot and for the whole series.

So: where´s the need for EXIFs in an already rendered project?

Sorry - what i write might seem a bit stupid to some . . . I just can´t see any practical sense in that
and would like to learn something i don´t know so far!


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Re: copy EXIF data from source to result file

by marzipano » Thu Jan 29, 2015 3:25 pm

When I had a look at the exif data already stored in a pano, I couldn't really see much need for a change. The shutter speed stored was actually that used on the first image taken (I was using "Aperture" mode on this pano) and all the stitching info helpful to Panotour had been added to "User Comment" which I what I find the most useful section of the pano exif data

Most of the other info is fairly irrelevant once the pano has been generated IMO


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