[1.4.0 A3 Win] Suggestion for Layers editor GUI and keyboard use  

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[1.4.0 A3 Win] Suggestion for Layers editor GUI and keyboard use

by marco-pano » Sun Aug 05, 2007 2:16 pm


Thanks to Alexandre and APP team for APP 1-4 alpha2/3.

--- Wish for the Layer editor GUI
When the Layers and Info are docked sibe-by-side at the bottom of panorama editor window, it is not possible to enlarge enough the Layers toolbar. So docking as 2 tabs must be used.

As done for the list in the CP editor window, it will be comfortable that the Layers editor GUI remembers the column width to use for the next APP start.

--- Wish for keyboard's use
With Color correction/edit anchor, with Layer or move picture, only mouse can be used to select a picture, arrow keys can no more be used to naviguate between pictures.

Enjoy panoramas
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