Better support of manual lenses - EV level missing  

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Better support of manual lenses - EV level missing

by gkaefer » Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:28 pm

resume: EV Level cant be set in apg for images taken with a manual lens without EXIF data.

It would be great to get better support of manual lenses in apg.
aperture, focal length, shutter speed and sensor & camera can be set in apg's Image properties.
Not the EV level.
Without this information the funcionality of using brackets (marked with "BRK" in apg) is not given.

where it could be implemented:
Seperate colum in Image Properties

why not implementing a plugin for Phil HArvey ExifTool so a batch edition of all apg relevant EXIF data will be possible?

Liebe Gruesse,
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