mask edition - enhancement  

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mask edition - enhancement

by gkaefer » Mon Jun 18, 2012 1:06 pm

the new mask edition tool will be for sure one of the most wanted tools ever ;-))
working on smaller panos everything is fluent working and zooming to the images until you can decide ghost/noghost etc. wirks great.

I also tested it with a 885images pano with 3 images per stack, so 295 image positions covering about 180x70 degrees...
here the tool gives some drawbacks: you've to zoom so deep into the preview that the 3 images of a stack covers the complete preview. So you've no indication on which image of the stack or even on which imageposition you're currently selecting your green or red mask points.

so my idea:

selecting one or more images on the pano grid does mark them (some sort of different image border or so if mouse is going over the image or selecting them)
than right mouseclick are opening these images in a seperate window where the boarders of each image can be seen and maybe each image does get a number so you can select the image/bring the image in forground to better set the mask points...

Liebe Gruesse,

PS ... great work the alpha 1 so far. I'm very curious about which user features get implemented during the betas ;-)))
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by HansKeesom » Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:02 am

if only the number of the image that is active is shown in a little box somewhere, the same numbers used when editing control points
Regards, Hans Keesom
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