Mac feature request II: post processing...  

Got some great idea or a feature request? Post it here and discuss it. The most requested concepts are usually implemented, as Autopano Pro / Giga is very community driven.
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Mac feature request II: post processing...

by refsvik » Sun Feb 12, 2006 3:31 am

Would of course like (in later versions) to have added all the features (and more) that are found in the CubicConverter. By that I mean that Autopano should:

-Output to desired high-rez format (photoshop HDR/ProRGB/32bit file) and then:
-Render the desired low rez projection
-if_cubic/spherical: Give the user the option to replace the nadir part of the pano with separate shot, or copyright logo
-output to desired low res Quicktime/Flash/Java pano
-Make the code (HTML/Java) to have it published on a webpage, fullscreened, autorotated, and save disabled, if the user so desires.

I know it is a very tall order, but then, this would be the ultimate app. I would only need Aperture and Autopano in my entire workflow ;-)

Best of luck

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