Edit window, Reload image, Adjust brightness  

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Edit window, Reload image, Adjust brightness

by Castillonis » Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:25 pm

A. Edit window reload photo and adjust in window.
I have spherical and linear captures where I lit the subject. I make my best attempt to adjust light the subject evenly and then adjust the exposures individually in Adobe Bridge. I would love the ability to reload images from the edit window and possibly have the ability to change the exposure / brightness so that it matches the surrounding photos.

1. Open edit window after aligning the photographs
2. Click the rectangular icon with the blue center to enter the layers mode where circles with numbers represent the individual images.
3. I can now easily see photographs that have gross mismatches in exposure.
a. Adjust the brightness in Photoshop and possibly use an overlay layer to correct uneven lighting ( lit with strobes )
b. Or I might make the adjustment to the photograph using a brightness or exposure control in the edit window.

B. Another request would be the ability to examine the alignment of a small area of the overall image at a high magnification to detect problems. Another stitcher currently has this ability along with masking. This second request requires significant development and testing.

I appreciate the existing ability to turn off color correction, gamma, etc. Also the multiple position helps for linear capture and aerials. Thank you very much :)

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by ravenkazi » Thu Sep 08, 2011 3:43 pm

Yes! Bro,
Your thinking is just so like mine..! Good to see you.

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