Two Monitor Support  

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Two Monitor Support

by hankkarl » Mon Nov 27, 2006 7:25 pm

There are a few rough edges in APP when using two monitors.

My main monitor is monitor 2 (has to be, because my PC is on the left, and monitor 1's cord is not long enough :-( Monitor 1 is on the left of monitor 2.

Several problems occur:
1. Just tried to bring APP up. found that the main window was sized at a fraction of the screen size, and located somewhere to the right of monitor 2. When I closed APP, it was in full screen mode on Monitor 2.

2. I use the main APP window and the individual pano window on monitor 2 (which is calibrated) and put the link editor window on monitor 1 in full screen mode. Whenever I bring up APP and then open the link editor, the link editor window is on monitor 2 and is not full screen. Once its up in the right place, it stays there.

3. last time I removed and reinstalled APP (RC1?) the initial window was two screens wide, but started on monitor 2 and went off to the right.

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