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Support for single video streams (consumer 360 cameras)

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 10:50 am
by menneisyys
I, who already have purchased Kolor stuff for around 180eur + VAT, would happily pay for the AutoPano Video as well if it supported consumer 360 cameras with single video streams, that is, the front/back lens on the left/right (like with the Samsung Gears) or top/bottom (as with the Yi 360 VR).

And a lot of other people would do so too.

It, programmatically, can't be that hard. (On the contrary...)

Please DO consider adding this feature. Then, I'll surely purchase the app unless it's extraorbitantly (say, over $250) priced. I very much need its pitch/yaw etc. correction features, which severely lack from camera-specific stitcher apps of both Samsung Gear models and the Yi 360 VR, the 360 cameras I use.