APV frame imort for CUDA rendering  

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APV frame imort for CUDA rendering

by pana2000 » Sun Nov 15, 2015 5:03 am


The program just seems to get better

Im still doing some experimenting with color correction of the frame exports in AE and wondering about PS or LR

It just takes ages to render these from frames back to video

The color control seems much better in recent APV However would there be any way of enabling frames adjusted in AE or similar to be re ingested into APV for quicker conversion via the cuda Might be a neat feature anyway

Should say not sure why the render from AE takes so long Its possible it may be the corrections being added in AE rather than the conversion to video I just cancelled a 20 hour render of a 1 min 30 frame export in AE to H264 Must be another way

Thanks Lloyd

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