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areas of interest

by drTheMan » Tue Jul 28, 2015 3:50 pm

I've been stitching for project where we have a camera on a tripod in a small (5x5m) room and a single actor moving around the camera. My workflow right now is to create a standard gopro stitch for every scene, then creating stitch-states for every part where the actor walks through a stitch line. Then recalculating those stitches based in that stitch-state's range selection. Usually I then need to further fine-tune those stitch-states in Autopano Giga, removing and adding control points until you don't notice the stitch-line anymore that the actor is passing through.

I feel like Autopano Video (Pro) would be able to automatically produce much more satisfying stitches if you'd be able to specify areas of interest (in my case; the part where the actor is walking through a stitch-line), so the stitching algorithm could try to make sure the specified area looks the best, compensating with looser stitching requirements on all non-specified areas.

Of course these areas would have to have their own keyframes/states.

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Re: areas of interest

by Amidee » Tue Jul 28, 2015 4:11 pm

Expanding on your idea, I really wish that the blending algorithm was a bit more adapted to the problems one can encounter when making videos.
APG was developed for photo panoramas, where you're supposed to know how to take panoramic pictures, which means that with proper precautions you have next to 0 parallax problems.
I really wish APG had a proper video stitching mode, which means that masks are in form of areas, you can easily track elements in space and proper frame by frame warping.
I'm probably asking too much and it would probably put a gigantic strain on even the most powerful computers computing all that stuff, but I'm all for quality even if it takes passing through hell to get there... (:

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