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AVP 3.0 Crash on Cineform mov export

PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:24 am
by orbe360
Hello guys, i recently update the AVP to the 3.0 version, i take an old AVP project that i want to finish , i setting the render format output to Cinemform Mov , start to render and CRASH

I download the version to the 2.6.5 and it happens the same problem whit Cineform format export, AVP Crash

I update the graphics card drivers, dowload the last codecs pack...but nothing

I really preciate if anyone can help me whit this anoying bug

This is my specifications: windows 10, 64 bits, NVIDIA Gforce GTX 1070, 32 Ram


Stay tunned

Re: AVP 3.0 Crash on Cineform mov export

PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:40 pm
by orbe360
Come on guys, i really need to make my demo reel with all my old project but since i upgrade AVP the render crash.

I pay for the AVP software so i demand an answer from Kolor team